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Terminal City Tabletop Convention wouldn’t happen without the help of our wonderful volunteers! Our volunteers teach board games and run RPG sessions; staff our registration table, borrowing library, and used marketplace; help with setup and tear down; take photos; and more.

Interested in volunteering? Check back for more info on December 20!


At TCTC we love our Gamemasters! They are volunteers who are looking to have as much fun as their players. For your hard work as a gamemaster, you can get a weekend pass if you’d like to run games in at least two time slots. If you want to run more that’s great, just don’t burn out–it’s about the fun. If you can only run one game, you can volunteer, too, but without the free pass. Contact us about being a Gamemaster or helping us run the front table. Once you set up your session, players will sign up online to reserve a slot.

Game volunteers

Share your favourite game at TCTC2020! We’re looking for folks interested in running and teaching games at this year’s event. For every event you run, you’ll get a $10 credit towards a purchase at the Rain City Games booth at the con. (Note: Max credit of $30. Credit must be used during TCTC 2020. Event must have people registered before the convention begins).

General volunteers

Our general volunteers lend a hand wherever extra help is needed! Our general volunteers teach games; staff the games library, registration desk, and used marketplace; help with setup and tear down; and lend a hand wherever extra help is needed.

Interested? Applications for general volunteers are now open!

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