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We’re excited to bring lots of gaming goodies to this year’s TCTC!

Rain City Games

Rain City Games is a welcoming place for every board game fan, with game nights, special events, and the latest and greatest titles. They’re now in two locations in the Lower Mainland: downtown Vancouver and New Westminster.

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Adventure Dice

Roll for adventure! We’re Adventure Dice, your Canadian source for dice, role-play game accessories, and other tabletop goodies. Many of the items on our site are handcrafted in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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Project Dark Water

Project Dark Water was founded in 2018 in Victoria, BC, by a team of award-winning artists, writers, and game designers with experience on titles including Anthem, Homeworld, Dawn of War and Empire Earth. Our first project is a brand new tabletop game titled VEIL OF RUIN.

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Thieves Highway

A unique board game adventure set in the notorious era of the roaring 20’s.

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Lunar Games Inc.

A cutting edge pen and paper RPG: Leap into a fresh adventure in Endless Realms, a New D10 pen-and-paper RPG. Feel the weight of your actions in tactical team-based combat that rewards strategy and taking risks. Trek through a world brimming with interesting and unique races, classes, and creatures that go far beyond traditional RPGs. Tell your tale with story-driven gameplay mechanics, and immerse yourself in a brand new universe.

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Diabolical Dungeoneer

The Imps at Diabolical Dungeoneer are  excited to bring a new dimension to your tabletop games! It’s always a treat to wow your players with some killer terrain(and killer monsters…) We offer 3D Printed Terrain, miniature and accessories for your tabletop gaming experience. We will have printed goods available for purchase as well a some samples of items that can be pre-ordered.

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Bugbear Bubbles

I sell soaps with polyhedral dice inside (they look like a gelatinous cube) other goodies are being developed.

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Cave Goblin Network

Cave Goblins is a podcast collective operating deep in the heart of the Pacific Northwest: Vancouver, Canada. Deep in ancient caves, hidden from the eyes of man, our Goblin Horde continues to craft hilarious, thought-provoking, lively, and offbeat media to enrich the lives of our listeners.

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Legendary Craftworks

Hand made leather and wood gaming accessories. I make hand made wooden dice trays and DM screens, Leather dice bags, hand bound journals etc.


Cawood Publishing

Cawood Publishing is a heroic RPG company based in Vancouver, Canada. We’ve made over 25 bestselling 5E adventures, handbooks, and campaign settings. Cawood Publishing’s goal is to make practical, inspiring products. Head Writer: Andrew Cawood. Born in South Africa, he has lived most of his life in Canada. Andrew currently lives with his wife and daughter in Vancouver, Canada. He began playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1979. For the last twenty years, he has also been a storyteller, teacher, and counsellor.

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First Fish Games

First Fish Games is a group of 3 life long gamers based in Vancouver, BC, Canada with two successful Kickstarters under their belts and no signs of slowing down.

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OOMM Games OOMM Games was created with the idea of designing fun games that everyone can enjoy. To this end, we strive to limit the number of components that go into each game. We believe games can still have depth and complexity without needing hundreds of pieces. Does this mean we will never produce games with lots of pieces, or complex rules? No. But we will look at a game very carefully to decide if that complexity is really needed. website | facebook | twitter | instagram