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RPG Room

The TCTC RPG Room 

Terminal City Tabletop Convention will have a room devoted to Roleplaying games. We’ll be running a wide variety of games from D&D to brand new indie RPGs. Every game is runs by an attendee volunteering to add some awesome to your time at TCTC. 

Tables & Slots 

We will be running 10 tables with 3 slots on Saturday and 2 on Sunday with each slot is 4 hours long. 


At TCTC we love our Gamemasters, they are volunteers who are looking to have as much fun as their players. For your hard work as a gamemaster, you can get a weekend pass, if you’d like to run games in at least two slots. If you want to run more that’s great, just don’t burn out, its about the fun. If you can only run one game, you can volunteer too, but without the free pass. Contact us about being a Gamemaster or helping us run the front table. 


Whether you’re new to RPGs or been playing for years, there are games for you. Don’t worry if you don’t know the game or even have dice, our Gamemasters will bring everything you’ll need.

Keep checking back as sessions will be constantly added during the lead up to the convention.

TCTC Tweets


- 6 days ago

As we gear up for 2020 we want to know.... what games are you looking forward to at the next TCTC? #tctc20 https://t.co/ndTqFM7dt5
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- 9 days ago

Mark your calendars! 👇👇👇 Tickets for the 2020 Terminal City Tabletop Convention go on sale on December 20, 2019 at… https://t.co/lBjaqaBIS4
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