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The 7th annual TCTC takes place on

March 28-29, 2020


With over 350 games and growing, the TCTC library has something for everyone. We even have Game Stewards available to teach many of these games.


Demo your game in our Proto-Alley!


“New to a board game convention, we were a little unsure of joining any of the games currently being played, but Shannon set us up with a game from the library of board games he had available, and over the next 5 hours we met a number of new people and had a blast! very friendly and welcoming, will definitely be there next year!”

-Tom M


“Fun and friendly, with ample opportunity to play new game, teach old favorites, and make new friends either way. The atmosphere is really positive, and it’s always easy to jump into an empty seat at the table. Can’t wait to get back next year!”



“I have attended this convention for the past three years, and I can truly say that I make it a point not to miss the awesomeness that is this weekend of events! It almost feels like a winter camp of friends getting together for the joint purpose of meeting new people, and engaging in imaginative play. Shannon, has created a truly magical meet up of like-minded individuals who love to come together for the sole purpose of having fun.”

-Britt M.


“It was loads of fun! I like that there are both opportunities to try out new games and purchase games that one might be interested in. Having everything in a single room was interesting, though I could see how people who might get overexposed to all the noise and activity might prefer having the extra room to cool off in. The Proto Alley was great this year as well! Maybe there should be more spots for introductory tabletop RPG sessions for people who’ve never played them? All in all it was a great time. Well done!!”


-Simon-Luc N.


“It was awesome. I had a blast playing old and new games with old and new friends”




“I had a great experience trying new games out and it was lovely to see so many fellow tabletop enthusiasts. I also bought a game called Eldritch Horror on the recommendation of the salespeople there and it has since become a favourite among my friends!”


-Natalie G.


“Played a bunch of games I wouldn’t normally get to play with some awesome people I don’t normally get to play games with. It’s the best!”


-Nathan L.


“Had a blast! tried a bunch of games I’ve never played but always wanted to, also, got to play a few prototype games. People were friendly and fun to play with.”


-Fabian C.


“We had a really great time at TCTC – we brought some friends with us and spent the afternoon learning new strategy games! It was a really great time. It was well organized, clean, professional, and of course, FUN! We are already excited about TCTC next year, we will bring an even bigger group of friends!”